Pharmaceutical Consulting and
Facilitated Strategic Planning

Whether you’re grappling with tough issues or assessing growth opportunities, you need knowledgeable problem-solving and practical solutions.

Dorothy Erlanger is your go-to resource. Her long-term experience and in-depth understanding of the pharmaceutical and health care industries assures expert guidance, with value-add insights from the start.

Erlanger excels at facilitating strategic planning with top level executives and boards. Her solutions mapping process brings clarity to difficult situations. , She has worked with U.S.-, Europe- and  Asia-based companies from a single country to global project. In addition, with fluency in Spanish and Portuguese, she brings a unique cultural perspective to Latin America consulting. You’ll find her concrete recommendations are “doable” and measurable, and she opens executives to innovative.

Working with Dorothy, she’ll begin with an interview-based discovery process, followed by a problem solving session with prioritization of options, and finish up with a stepwise plan for immediate implementation. Your end results are durable and sustainable.

Find out more about working with Dorothy, her health care and pharmaceutical consulting and facilitated strategic planning

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