Hybrid and Virtual Conferences and Summits

Large-scale hybrid and virtual events are going to be a holdover long after social distancing is lifted and it’s really easy to run a poorly produced event. Have you ever tried to discreetly fix audience tech issues while presenting? It was not as discreet as you think. How about having to delay the start of a meeting because attendees didn’t understand how to log on? You lost audience members who just gave up when they couldn’t log in the first time they tried, or who got on initially and then dropped off and were unable to come back. 

Organizers want an event that exceeds expectations, presenters want the tech to work and audience members want to have a seamless and highly-engaging experience. You should expect excellence at every stage of your conference and a producer can help you sustain the highest levels of performance. Small details like spotlighting speakers,  muting participants and managing the event chat can make the difference between an event that feels amateur and one that elevates the mission and message of your organization.

As a professional speaker and experienced event producer, Dorothy Erlanger is ready to make sure the event goes smoothly and the audience members remain engaged. She is also available to project manage for you when you are working with a large production company.

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