Perfect timing! Right now is an ideal opportunity to reinvigorate company growth for 2018. Let’s look at practical “prep for success” steps.

Start with the basics – your long term goals. Whether this is a full strategic plan or simply a vision of where you want to be in the future, it’s an important success tool. It’s also completely at odds with the way we operate. The reality is that our thinking, actions and motivation are ever more short term.

Here’s a process to revitalize your plan and accelerate progress that will work in today’s environment.
Refresh: What are you/your team working towards? If it’s not crystal clear and easy to state, go back and work on it. Do this with the team and listen carefully. Do they have a shared vision? Are there ideas emerging that motivate all? Can these be incorporated to generate new excitement and energy? Look for what can reignite enthusiasm and commitment.
Focus: within your big picture direction, what areas would lend themselves to shorter term projects? Look for elements that will move the overall plan forward, but are laser focused on projects/items that can be defined, measured and achieved in a short time frame
Look for the laggards: Not the person but the task/goal. This is the project or effort that has gotten off track and is a drag on time and energy. I’ll relate this to a personal challenge. On company projects once something has gotten off schedule or where there are many threads dangling or unfinished bits, I find myself wanting to avoid dealing with it, devoting time to less ‘messy’ stuff. With lots going on this is easy to do in any company team. Here are three steps to deal with these laggards:
1. Reexamine, redefine, reframe: Step away from the project and consciously look at is as an outsider, someone not involved in the effort at all. Is it worth doing? Are these the right people to do it? Are there parts of it that no longer fit or are no longer a priority?
2. Find someone else to do it – seriously. While this project may have become a loaded and negative issue for you, it may be quite straightforward for another person or group. Look for specialized expertise to accelerate even a small piece of the laggard project.
3. Celebrate small successes: Break out the redefined project/goal into well defined milestones. Plan how you will celebrate reaching those points. Map it, measure it and move ahead.
Here’s to your success!
Dorothy Erlanger is a meeting facilitator, speaker and trainer who has worked with Fortune 100 companies in over 25 countries across the globe. She is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese. For facilitation of global strategic planning, executive workshops or emcee for multi-country conferences, contact Dorothy at 1-804-749-4100