Create Unforgettable Experiences For The Audience Every Time

Lose the overwhelm and leave the virtual and hybrid event tech to the professionals.

You need an expert in the field who is as professional as you are in your own industry. Dorothy Erlanger’s success is proven with front-of-house and back-of-house experience. As a professional speaker and virtual event producer, she is uniquely positioned to guide you the next time you need to host a fabulous virtual event. Leverage your strengths in the presentation while Dorothy utilizes her proven process for event success from planning stages to post-event recommendations. Dorothy manages security, flow and interactions seamlessly so your team can be fully engaged throughout the event. She makes it look easy.

Hybrid and Virtual
Conferences and Summits 


Do you know what TEDx and a major corporate conference have in common? They both rely on professional production and comprehensive project management. Showcase your leaders and their thought leadership in a streamlined event that leaves participants talking about the content and not complaining about the tech with the message lost.

Virtual Presentations


As a consultant or small company, you have landed a contract to do a corporate program and now you really need a producer behind the scenes to make sure it runs brilliantly. You know your stuff and are ready to provide value that the customer has paid good money for. Amaze your audience and get invited back.