Community Building and Engagement

Virtual group events have the potential to be amazing. Nonprofits, alumni groups, and community organization members can build camaraderie and trust while staying connected states, or even countries, away. Bring everyone together in an inclusive format that allows each person to feel seen and heard. When virtual meetings go wrong, they can go very wrong. Technical problems and unmanaged group dynamics can create the perfect storm that leads to a chaotic environment and unmet goals.

Keep your next event from going viral for all the wrong reasons by using an expert producer to manage the meeting and focus on doing what you do best. Dorothy Erlanger is a professional speaker and virtual event producer. She leverages her onstage and backstage expertise to keep your event on message and on time.

Schedule Time To Discuss Your Event

When you hire Dorothy to produce your event, you can expect:

  • Pre-event coordination
  • The right environment to facilitate discussion
  • Effortless entry and engagement of attendees
  • Strong security protocols

Do what you do best, let Dorothy do the rest