Business Growth Strategist, Compliance Expert
Award-Winning Speaker

Meet Dorothy: Goal Getter, Thought Leader, Obstacle Slayer

Dorothy is uniquely qualified as a pharmaceutical, medical device and healthcare consultant based on her comprehensive experience combined with unique facilitation and training expertise. Her dynamic career path has provided insights into every possible angle of these industries.

After graduating from the University of Chicago in Biology, she worked in research at Washington University Medical School in St. Louis.  Following on from that experience, she launched a successful sales and marketing career in the Pharma industry, later forging ahead into international marketing and management. Next, Dorothy established her own firm, offering solutions-based global consulting, recognizing how vital a wide-ranging perspective is for success in the pharmaceutical, healthcare and medical device arenas.

Erlanger has consulted, facilitated planning, conducted training, written and spoken to healthcare, pharmaceutical, and medical device companies, working in over 30 countries from China to Chile, and Italy to Indonesia.

She designs innovative strategies that will help your organization become more productive, streamline processes, and foster sustainable growth. Your teams will be empowered to take ownership and continue the growth and improvements on their own.

In addition, Dorothy is an award-winning speaker who has delivered keynotes and training sessions for major companies around the world as well as associations and students. ,. Always ready for the next challenge, she took on triathlons after 50 and after ovarian cancer, completing an Ironman triathlon as well as multiple marathons and other endurance events. All of this experience, from professional to athletic, has led her to the realization that obstacles can become your path to greatness.