Your On-Call Pharmaceutical Marketing and Sales Training Expert

Whether you need to explode sales productivity, build market leadership, or discover advanced strategies for pharmaceutical and medical device marketing, call on Dorothy Erlanger. She will help your top executives drill down to the source of a problem and develop a sound solution customized for your company’s specific situation.

An internationally-known speaker and consultant, Erlanger has helped numerous Fortune 500 companies identify the best strategies and prioritize implementation for the fastest return on effort. She hits the ground running with extensive pharmaceutical, medical device, and hospital sales experience across 40 countries.

Dorothy understands pharmaceutical and medical device industry needs required skills and limitations that impact product and strategy within the USA and around the world. In addition, she is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese, important for handling nuances across markets.

Dorothy Is Your On-Call Expert in Three Main Areas:

Sales Productivity– Executive level working sessions are tailored to build sales productivity. Dorothy will delve into the problems and help you determine solutions to create a practical plan of action with durable results. Prioritizing your best options will make your team far more effective with their time.

Building Market Leadership – Discover your strategic edge for Pharmaceutical Marketing. Dorothy facilitates ales training sessions with top-level executives for problem-solving and planning a development track that results in sustainable growth.

Hospital Selling Skills – Selling to hospitals requires cross-functional synergy with all teams working towards the same priorities. For growth and success, everyone needs to be aligned with a singular mission. Dorothy’s proprietary Optimized Hospital Selling OHSTM system ensures a highly productive process that leads to improved sales and a better bottom line.

To find out more and schedule a session, call Dorothy Erlanger, your Pharmaceutical Marketing and Sales Training Expert

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